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3 Point Play: NBA Basketball Awards Predictions!

Ahsan Raza

Apr 14 2017

Welcome to the 3 Point Play, your source for Basketball News and Talk! This podcast is geared to all the NBA fans out there looking for a unique and fun perspective of the game! The hosts and basketball fanatics Ahsan,Abbas and Kumail break it down each week as they provide a funny yet insightful analysis on the hottest topics and trends in the NBA! They also give their take on the home team, the Toronto Raptors with a weekly raptor segment! Listen to these 3 Crazy fans talking about their passion - Basketball and the NBA!

In today's episode, the crew give their award predicitons for the NBA's best players! They break down the following awards:


Most Improved

Defensive Player of the Year

Best 6th man

Top Executive

Best Coach of the year