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3 Point Play E11: Raps Vs Cavs Breakdown | Paul Pierce Retires

Ahsan Raza

May 05 2017

Welcome to the 3 point play podcast where 4 crazy basketball fanatics talk some hoops! This week, we are featured again by our special guest Burhan Ehsan, President of the Fanchize. The gang disects and breaksdown what went wrong with the raptors as they got pummeled by Lebron and Company.

What do the Raptors need to do to win Game 3?

If the Raptors are ousted by the CAVS, what will the off season look like? Rebuild? Resign Lowry? Trade JV?

Paul Pierce - NBA Legend, Future Hall of Famer, Raptor Killer AKA The King of the North - What is his legacy as he retires?

This week, we're also giving away two free authentic t-shirts to 2 lucky winners! Simply comment on our facebook post and tell us what you think the raptors need to do to win game 3. The winners will be selected before tip off!